background color for NULL-values default value

pierre posted 9 years ago in Feature discussion
hi. i think the default color should be set to a less horrific value, using a more conventionnal grey :roll:

ansgar posted 9 years ago
Oh, that grid and this preference option is no longer in use - we replaced the grid itself and a bunch of related things. You should try a nightly build to see it in action. NULL values are now implicitly colored by a specific color for text/date/enum/binary columns. NULLs are now just 40% brighter than the normal field contents.
elko@tda.nl posted 5 years ago
Just downloaded version and yes! evilgrin the horrific color (fuchsia) is introduced as default.surprised

Please use none as a default! Tnx
jfalch posted 5 years ago
You can change it via Tools / Preferences / Data / NULL background color.

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