Vertical line in the SQL window...?

Dave posted 9 years ago in Feature discussion

I'm really enjoying my introduction to HeidiSQL.

Not sure if this is the correct forum, but my question is about the thin gray vertical line in the SQL window, located at about space # 40.

Just wondering the purpose, and if I might have any control over it? If possible, I'd like to either "move" it to space #60 or make it invisible.

kalvaro posted 9 years ago
In most SQL tools that's a right margin marker, so I assume it's the same in HeidiSQL. It's supposed to help you to write code following a line length coding convention (why 40 and not 80 is something that I don't know) and it's also useful when the editor has an automatic line wrap feature.

As far as I know the size is not set anywhere. Perhaps it's the default setting of the editor component (I believe it's a third-party tool called SynEdit).

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