Import bug + suggestion

AliG posted 7 years ago in General

I've just tried to import data from big file (>5MB) to a non-existing table, error appeared - that is ok. But after that the file was not released (can't be deleted).

And my sugestion (or question): is there a way how to import data from multiple files? I can select multiple .sql files but it imports just from the first one.

mmarsching posted 7 years ago
I second that... just found out, that MySQL Workbench is able to do that, so there must be a way...

Feature request! :)
ansgar posted 7 years ago
Load multiple files into the query editor and hit F9 - what's the problem?
AliG posted 7 years ago
the problem is without loading to query editor ;)

it is not easy to load files larger than 5MB to query editor (it take looong time) ... I was talking about importing multiple files without using query editor ... is that possible? smile
ansgar posted 7 years ago
Ah ok - no that's not possible currently. Please file a feature request.

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