snippet file location

member posted 7 years ago in Feature discussion
It would be nice if the path to the snippets could be set by the user. Am I missing something simple?

I see the save as function, but it is really nice the way the snippets are available in the program.

The reason this would be helpful is because I could use the snippet location that I specified for my main computer and my laptop when on my home network. It can be difficult to keep the newest copy in both locations.

I realize I could sync the folders, but I am not excited about doing it that way.

Another thing is when saving an existing snippet again, it would be better if it worked like the save as dialog. The reason being that you have to go and see exactly how the first snippet was named and type it in exactly the same when changing it. If it was set up like the save as function it would be easy to click on the file name you wish to overwrite.

Please don't take this as dissapproval, I love your product. I would still be using strictly spreadsheets if it were not available.

ansgar posted 7 years ago
On my Vista the snippet folder is C:\ProgramData\HeidiSQL\Snippets\ . I recall you can point the whole ProgramData to a different location with some registry hack.

Or, on Vista and Windows 7, you could turn the "ProgramData\HeidiSQL\Snippets\" folder or the whole "ProgramData\HeidiSQL\" folder into a symbolic link to another folder, via commandline:
c:\> cd ProgramData
c:\ProgramData\ > ren HeidiSQL HeidiSQL-old
c:\ProgramData\ > mklink /D HeidiSQL d:\whatever\HeidiSQLdata\
member posted 7 years ago
Thanks, I will look into that. I am not sure if it will upset my laptop if I point to a network location. I tried doing something similar with my desktop location and when I am not connected to the network (which happens sometimes) it caused my explorer folder to hang. I use X2 instead of windows explorer, so maybe that was the problem. I would think I could reverse it in the registry if it did not work, or try to reverse the command? Again Thank You

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