missing function: copy entire database

mich.ag posted 9 years ago in Import/Export
Hi everyone. I remember that an older version I used some months ago was able to transfer an exact copy of an entire database from one webserver to another just by entering the root login of both servers. Recently I installed v3.2 and after that v3.0 and I cannot find this function. Am I just blind or is this functionality disabled in newer versions ? Thanks for your fast answers, mich.ag
mich.ag posted 9 years ago
Sorry for the question, I found it again.
rosenfield posted 9 years ago
No need to be sorry. It would probably be helpful to googlers if you told where you found it, and to developers if you told why there was initially a problem imagining it's location.
m.ardito posted 9 years ago
i was searching too, now i've found itsmile
so googler friends, here is how:

from the "export" menu select "export tables as sql"
then select both the
- source db and tables
- destination output "another host or database" and the option about how to transfer structure and data...

easy and powerful :)


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