/* SQL Error: Unknown column 'name' in 'field list' */

clayton53 posted 10 years ago in Import/Export
ZOMG HELP ME i keep getting that when i hit f9 to make my weapon
clayton53 posted 10 years ago
i would love it if someone could help me :S :D
ansgar posted 10 years ago
You should post the query you are executing, otherwise noone will be able to help.
clayton53 posted 10 years ago
INSERT INTO items (entry, class, subclass, field4, name, name2, name3, name4, displayid, quality, flags, buyprice, sellprice, inventorytype, allowableclass, allowablerace, itemlevel, requiredlevel, RequiredSkill, RequiredSkillRank, RequiredSkillSubRank, RequiredPlayerRank1, RequiredPlayerRank2, RequiredFaction, RequiredFactionStanding, `Unique`, maxcount, ContainerSlots, stat_type1, stat_value1, stat_type2, stat_value2, stat_type3, stat_value3, stat_type4, stat_value4, stat_type5, stat_value5, stat_type6, stat_value6, stat_type7, stat_value7, stat_type8, stat_value8, stat_type9, stat_value9, stat_type10, stat_value10, dmg_min1, dmg_max1, dmg_type1, dmg_min2, dmg_max2, dmg_type2, dmg_min3, dmg_max3, dmg_type3, dmg_min4, dmg_max4, dmg_type4, dmg_min5, dmg_max5, dmg_type5, armor, holy_res, fire_res, nature_res, frost_res, shadow_res, arcane_res, delay, ammo_type, `range`, spellid_1, spelltrigger_1, spellcharges_1, spellcooldown_1, spellcategory_1, spellcategorycooldown_1, spellid_2, spelltrigger_2, spellcharges_2, spellcooldown_2, spellcategory_2, spellcategorycooldown_2, spellid_3, spelltrigger_3, spellcharges_3, spellcooldown_3, spellcategory_3, spellcategorycooldown_3, spellid_4, spelltrigger_4, spellcharges_4, spellcooldown_4, spellcategory_4, spellcategorycooldown_4, spellid_5, spelltrigger_5, spellcharges_5, spellcooldown_5, spellcategory_5, spellcategorycooldown_5, bonding, description, page_id, page_language, page_material, quest_id, lock_id, lock_material, sheathID, randomprop, unk203_1, block, itemset, MaxDurability, ZoneNameID, mapid, bagfamily, TotemCategory, socket_color_1, unk201_3, socket_color_2, unk201_5, socket_color_3, unk201_7, socket_bonus, GemProperties, ReqDisenchantSkill, unk2)
VALUES (.192,4,1,-1,"Pwned","Pwned","Pwned","Pwned",38699,6,0,100,100,1,-1,-1,1,70,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,1,1,0, 1,99999, 3,99999, 4,99999, 5,99999, 14,99999, 21,99999, 20,99999, 19,99999, 7,99999, 13,99999,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,90000000,99999999,99999999,99999999,99999999,99999999,99999999,0,0,0,35844,1,0,0,0,0,18060,1,0,0,0,0,17713,1,0,0,0,0,35842,1,0,0,0,0,35894,1,0,0,0,0,1,"Pwnage Server GM GEAR",0,0,0,0,0,-1,0,0,0,90000000,0,0,0,0,0,0,2,0,1,0,4,0,104,0,0,0);items
ansgar posted 10 years ago
The problem is here:
INSERT INTO items (entry, class, subclass, field4, name, name2,..

So your table "items" has no column called "name". Just a wild guess, seeing your other columns: could it be "name1" ?
clayton53 posted 10 years ago
when i add a one it has an error message
rosenfield posted 10 years ago


It's been 4 years. The joke is dead beyond resurrection.

SQL Error: Unknown column 'name'

The weapon script is incompatible with the WoW server software package you're using.

The server software package contains the table definition, which in this case does not match with the weapon script in terms of defined columns.

Perhaps the script is designed for another package, or perhaps just for another version.


a. Use some other server software, specifically use the one that your weapon script was designed to work with.

b. Use another weapon script, or weapon script generator (whatever), specifically one designed to work with the server you're using.
clayton53 posted 10 years ago
i will try thouse right away
gacuxz posted 1 year ago

Well, 9 years later I get the same error, but my query is quite simple

UPDATE streamer SET data1 = '0';

Checked this column name and restarted HeidiSQL several times. I'm new to SQL, what I'm doing wrong?

kalvaro posted 1 year ago

The "Unknown column 'name'" is a server-side message and means exactly that it says—not sure why everybody's assuming there's a long standing bug in HeidiSQL that prevents MySQL Server from recognising columns.

To see column names, find the table in the left pane, click on it and inspect the "Table" tab. You should see the list of columns in the bottom half. Additionally, the "CREATE code" contains some SQL you can share in your favourite SQL forum to help others reproduces issues.

gacuxz posted 1 year ago

Well I've checked - column names are correct (see the attachments). Did not understand what "CREATE code" stands for though.. sorry for my misunderstanding.

2 attachment(s):
  • Screen-Shot-07-08-17-at-08.51-PM
  • Screen-Shot-07-08-17-at-08.54-PM
kalvaro posted 1 year ago

Your database uses some troublesome naming convention are you aren't escaping column names as needed. You claimed your code looks like this:

UPDATE streamer SET data1 = '0';

... but the screenshot shows something like:

UPDATE streamer SET zipfm64a.aac = '0';

... and you do not have any zipfm64a table or a aac column. You probably want:

UPDATE streamer SET `zipfm64a.aac` = '0';

You would face the same issue in any other MySQL client.

gacuxz posted 11 months ago

Created another table in the same database. Query is working like a charm. Looks like my other table is somehow corrupted.

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