stored procedure support

sharique posted 9 years ago in Feature discussion
What are the plans for implementing stored procedure and triggers support?
rosenfield posted 9 years ago
Stored procedures are still at a pretty lame stage in MySQL.

For example, you can't create a procedure that takes a set of rows as input and produces a set of rows as output.

Lots of other examples of missing basic features.

I guess none of the HeidiSQL developers has seen MySQL SPs as useful enough to apply in their own projects, and therefore they have no need to implement support in the HeidiSQL client either.

(Out of curiosity, what do you use stored procedures for?)
4ndy posted 8 years ago
Stored Procedures was included and supported by MySQL since v5.0 I think?
Anywho, I use stored procedures for e.g. myDBR and report generation from various web applications and for automation of reporting. I see this becomming more and more common nowdays.

This is one of the features I really miss in HeidiSQL along with tab'ed connections (multiple DB connections in one instance). A extended DBA module is also on my wishlist, make these 3 things come true and you will be the #1 choice of all DBdevs, DBAs etc. for MySQL!

I would recommend a quick view of a Quest Toad for Oracle trial to get some inspiration around tab'ed connections and/or triggers/stored procedures. They did a great job with their Oracle client. Copy with pride :)

Thanks for a great MySQL Client!
ansgar posted 8 years ago
Stored procedures and functions are editable via dialog since HeidiSQL 4. Triggers not yet, but already requested here.
4ndy posted 8 years ago
How great! That is relly good news.
Sorry for not checking up the latest features first.

How about the tabbed connections in one program instance?

[size=9:1e7a6fb56e]Kudos to you for the best MySQL client available.[/size:1e7a6fb56e]

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