balloon for column headers

member posted 7 years ago in Feature discussion
I found out if I do more than one select query, I get a tabbed response. These tabs have a balloon that repeat the query.

Is there any way to have a similar option for the header columns. I sometimes have long header names but don't want the column that wide.

Also if this could be optional to the user for both the header and the queries that would be nice.

Also on a related question, is there any way to name the actual tabs in the select query so they don't all reflect as result #1, etc. I see I can select as and name the result header, but can I somehow specify result # to be something specific?

Thanks for all of your efforts, I just keep looking for more things to use HeidiSQL to keep track of.
kalvaro posted 7 years ago
It sounds sensible. All grids should feature a tooltip when the header contents do not fit. I'm sure it's easy to fix.

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