Export `Database: ` tab contents (tables, procedures, functions) to clipboard or file

sh2ka posted 7 years ago in Feature discussion
To add API description for my database it will be great to export the contents of this tab to clipboard or file with:
- name
- comment
- type

For procedures and functions will be great to show parameters in scopes '(', ')' (name or types, or both) and for functions to show return type (in UML like style):
|devices                                             |List of devices             |...
|devices_add(device_name:TEXT, device_type:TEXT, ...)|Add new device              |...
|devices_get_id(device_name:TEXT):INT                |Get device index by name|...

If definition is too long you can paste an `...` (on mouse hover you can show full string), but in exported table it will be a full string.

This is only idea, but it will be great to export contents of this tab somehow.

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