Behaviour of export-filename-field

Plasm posted 7 years ago in General
Found a small but annoying bug:
SQL Export->Filename

I have many tables with suffix el_
If I backup these tables, I name the file "el.sql".
Now I want to backup only one table, so I name it "el_article.sql".
The filename field offers the last typed filename as default, "abc.sql", for example. I then delete the "abc" part (now I have ".sql") and then start typing "el_article". But if I enter "el", HeidiSQL sees that there is already such a filename (el.sql) in the dropdown box, selects it and sets the cursor at the end of the line. If I now type the rest of the letters (because I haven´t noticed the new position of the cursor), it results in "el.sql_article" which is obviously not what I wanted.

So, please don´t set the cursor to the end if a filename matched.

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