Incorrect date display

sod posted 7 years ago in Running SQL scripts
when I run the following SQL:

select left(table1.modified,10) from table1
left join table2 on table1.id=table2.id
inner join table3 on table1.id=table3.id
order by 1;

so that the dates appear in the grid:

if I delete one of the "join"
then the grid displays a good date!

I think the problem is the processing of SQL...

kalvaro posted 7 years ago
Try a recent version of HeidiSQL.

If I recall correctly, that's a bug in some versions of MySQL server (that incorrectly tag the result as binary) and HeidiSQL implemented a workaround.
ansgar posted 7 years ago
Exactly, older servers return a binary collation for computed columns in various cases. But even in these cases you can press the white button on the main toolbar, with the red "0x" on it: "View binary data as text"

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