Export database and row count

kalvaro posted 7 years ago in Import/Export
I have an InnoDB table where the system reports 1531 rows instead of the actual figure, 1327. So far so good: we all know that SHOW TABLE STATUS returns an approximation, not the real number.

The funny thing is that I used Heidi's "Export database as SQL" feature and the report grid displayed 1531 / 100%.

(BTW, it'd also be nice that stored routines would not display a -1 row count.)

Given that's a report of a very specific operation, wouldn't it make more sense to give the exact number? I suppose it could be obtained from the either the SELECT * metadata or an internal counter.
ansgar posted 7 years ago
Agree. Both done in r3708 and r3709.
kalvaro posted 7 years ago
Lovely, thanks. Sometimes these little things make a big difference :)

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