bug ? comment lines in script make next statement to be also a comment

emordant posted 7 years ago in Running SQL scripts
I used HS v5.0.0.3272 and it worked like a charm with SQL scripts.
After an update to v6.0 stable, the comment lines in my script doesn't seems to 'understand' the end of line.
The color syntax of the script loaded is ok : grey for comment lines begining with # or -- and the lines after are correctly colorized (keywords insert, update delete are well recognized)
But when running the script, every statement lines who follow a comment line seems to be added at the end of the comment line, and so, is not executed, and the first statement really executed is the 2nd statement after the comment line.
It is possible to work arround this problem by inserting a new line with only a semi colon, after each comment line.
Editing my scripts with notepad++ shows me corrects CRLF at each end of lines and update to nightly build doesn't change anything.
Downgrading to v5.0.0.3272 solves the problem.
I forgot something ?
brazil posted 7 years ago
You forgot to try the latest build, 6.0 is so outdated ...
ansgar posted 7 years ago
Yes, please update - although I don't recall some recent change in the SQL splitter. If it does not solve that problem - could you please post some non working SQL snippet here?

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