What book/books would you suggest to reach yourself MySQL?

mkervin posted 7 years ago in General
I have used MS Access for many years and am very comfortable with it and know the ins and outs of databases. However, out hosting company will no longer support Access databases on our web site so I need to move those databases to MySQL. I did import the data from Access into MySQL and everything seems to be in there but I won't know if everything works until I can test it on our testing server.

Do I need to export the MySQL database to our testing server ot do I simply create a string using localhost and the database will be found. Also, I have no idea what language I should select for North America. As you can see I have a long way to go and simply need some guidance on getting started.

Thank You...
kalvaro posted 7 years ago
I'm not sure I follow you. How have you managed to create tables and migrate data if you don't have access to the server? What does "create a string" mean?

As about the language, I presume you are talking about encoding and collation.

The simplest solution about encoding is to use the character set your application is expecting so both DB and app can handle the same characters.

For collation, well, "North America" is not a language (it's not even a countrysmilebut I suppose you'll you handling mostly English so almost any collation in the "Unicode Character Sets" and "West European Character Sets" should do the trick:


If you also have Latin users, you can choose a Spanish collation. In includes all English characters plus Spanish characters plus some extra ones.
mkervin posted 7 years ago
Thank you for the reply.

Let me clarify my question.
1.) I downloaded our Access database from our hosting server to my local machine.

2.) I created an System DNS using an ODBC 5.1 as the data source.

3.) I then created an MySQL database with the same name as my Access db.

4.) I opened Access and selected Export, choosing the ODBC as my datasource and created my tables from the export.

5.) Now I need to take this created MySQL database and upload it to my hosting server so I can test it more.

In the above process when exporting my Access Data to MySQL is there anything I should be mindful of, in data type or anything that might interfer with how the data type was stored.

Again thank you kalvaro for taking the time to help me; I appreciate it.

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