SSL connection with just SSL-CA certificate

MarkP posted 7 years ago in Feature discussion
At the moment HeidiSQL requires three things to connect via SSL: private key, CA certificate and SSL certificate. Using only the SSL-CA certificate of the server should also be an option. According to the MySQL reference manual (5.5, chapter, it can can be done if the account has no special SSL requirements. It would be really great if HeidiSQL could do this as well.

Thanks in advance,
ansgar posted 7 years ago
I already did that in r3722, to solve issue #2336. Please update your HeidiSQL build so you can try that.
MaxB posted 7 years ago
But, sorry, it does not work... unhappy

See my post here. FYI, I've tested the SSL connection well also with the command line tool:

mysql --ssl-ca=/etc/ssl/certs/mycacert.pem -u ssluser -p sslpassword -h mysqldb.myhost.com
MaxB posted 7 years ago
Hi anse,
here's my feedback to you:

The latest nightly build r3768 now connect fine to our ssl database server (with a ca cert parameter only).
Many thanks! smile

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