replacing double quotes with back ticks - follow up question

helpme posted 6 years ago in Import/Export
Anse, one of the fields in my SQL file is a MEDIUMTEXT field, and has conversational sentences that contain double quotes as part of human conversations.

So if I do a general search and replace of double quotes for back ticks, that will create all the double quotes as conversation within the MEDIUMTEXT field to get converted too.

Would that cause the import to fail?

I did a small test and it looks like it will still import correctly, just that the conversation threads will look like they have back ticks instead of double quotes in them.

Small Issue #2

Also, I noticed that any of these conditional commands seem to muck up the import too:

/*!40000 ALTER TABLE "post" DISABLE KEYS;*/

It only works when I delete all of them. Any way around that too? Should I just delete them or is there a way to keep them in there.
helpme posted 6 years ago
I believe another problem with searching and replacing double quotes for back ticks is MEDIUMBLOB which is used to store images. I find " double quotes used to store image data, which changes the image when they're changed to back ticks...
ansgar posted 6 years ago
Why the heck do you post a second thread as a follow up to another thread? Makes it difficult to get the overview of all your problems, man.

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