Enhanced grid export

ansgar posted 6 years ago in News
Up to recently, to create a CSV export of a grid view, you had several menu items and you had to find the right one for your needs:
- Copy selected rows as CSV
- Copy selected rows as HTML
- Copy ... XML, SQL, LaTeX, Wiki markup
- Export grid rows to file
Only the CSV output was configurable in the preferences dialog - which was not in sight at the time when you did the export.

Now, there is only one menu item left in the context menu of any result grid: "Export grid rows". The new dialog which comes up
- asks whether to copy to clipboard or write to a file
- let's you select the file encoding (ANSI seems important for Excel export)
- offers an easy way to create Excel compatible output, which requires specific control characters, depending on the output target
- displays the row number and the byte size of the rows you are going to export
- shows recently used output files by click on the blue down arrow
- remembers your previously used settings, so you can normally call the dialog and just press the enter key to finish.

ansgar posted 6 years ago
Now that we have a dialog for export output options, I wonder if I should add another text input for a value used as NULL value. I guess "Excel compatible" should automatically use an empty string, while exporting a file which afterwards should be imported into MySQL again needs \N as NULL value.
malavikakswamy posted 6 years ago
Hello I am not able to find the export grid rows option. Please could you tell me where exactly can I find it?
malavikakswamy posted 6 years ago
It is not highlighted for me under the Export tab in the main menu as well as not visible when I right click on any grid in the database.
ansgar posted 6 years ago
Rightclick any grid and find "Export grid rows". It is there if you have newer build, so be sure to stay up-to-date.

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