Multible query tabs

kaur58 posted 9 years ago in Feature discussion
i was wondering if there is a plan to develop a option to open multible quey tabs lke sqldeveloper. i often need to execute many sql queries and i need to see the result of the previous one and right now it's not comfortable to comment out one sql then type the other on
kalvaro posted 9 years ago
That was suggested some time ago:


I guess it's not a trivial task and there were many pending issues that were more critical.

Many or the biggest issues are finally gone (I'm so happy that HeidiSQL no longer crashes when I run my queries). I guess this can be a interesting feature for 4.1 once 4.0-final is released. Google Code doesn't allow voting bugs but you can always star.
servertude posted 9 years ago
This is also logged as a feature request for jHeidi.

Muiltiple query tabs plus a seperate tab for loaded SQL scripts should keep everything nice and neat.
Amenthes posted 9 years ago
+1 for this feature
jhartog posted 9 years ago
I also would love to see this feature. I recently moved to HeidiSQL from SQLyog and this is the feature I miss the most.
ansgar posted 9 years ago
ok... but lousy 3 stars in that rfe? Please vote using the yellow star : http://rfe.heidisql.com/443

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