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djdjohnson posted 6 years ago in Feature discussion
I love HeidiSQL, but it just isn't stable. It crashes and locks up on me all of the time. Ultimately, it would be great if it never crashed, but I don't see that happening any time soon.

Until that can happen, I lose a lot of complicated queries because I don't take the time to save every query before I run it. I know, shame on me for not saving every query before I run it, but this would take a lot of time. I run hundreds of queries per day.

What would be really nice would be if HeidiSQL were to save all open queries (to disk, in the registry, whatever) before they're executed just in case it locks up or crashes during execution. When it completes execution, it can delete those saved queries. If it does happen to lockup or crash during query execution, it would see those in the registry the next time it loads and automatically restore the contents of those Query tabs so they aren't lost forever.

These queries would obviously have to be saved per-connection (as they probably wouldn't make sense on other servers), and include other state information like which database is currently selected.
muzza4 posted 6 years ago
Just in case anyone thinks this is one off, I have the same issues with the stability.

My problem isn't so much losing queries (though I do) but when I need to find something in the database HeidiSQL immediately crashes on me and by the time I've reopened it I've lost focus on the issue I am dealing with.

Some of the new features are great, but in my view it's the stability that needs the development effort.


ansgar posted 6 years ago
Be aware you're talking about the latest builds which can of course contain incomplete and non-bugfree stuff. Also, have a look at issue #2331 and feel free to comment there.
djdjohnson posted 6 years ago
While that issue is similar, I'm not looking to save queries between sessions. Just be able to get them back when the app crashes or locks up.
ansgar posted 6 years ago
Well probably I can do that in the same report. But I prefer fixing the crashes instead of tinkering the effects.
simbabque posted 5 years ago
That happens to me sometimes. In these cases I just look up the query in the connection log file. Remember that you have to turn it on because it starts out without logging. But if there is a log file than there's a very good chance to get the twenty unsaved queries you fried with your heavy one back by just taking a look there.
djdjohnson posted 5 years ago
FWIW, I'm still losing queries when HeidiSQL locks up (which, unfortunately, happens many times a day).

A quick save of queries to the registry (in the key associated with the current connection), and deleting them when the query results are retrieved would take care of this. If HeidiSQL opens with query data in the registry, it restores the queries automatically.
Kevin posted 5 years ago
Hello, I would also like to see a "Restore Queries on Crash" feture soon. My HeidiSQL crashes several times a day - but no software will ever be 100% bug free, anyway.

Toad offers this crash recovery feature (yes, it also crasheswinkand due to the frequency of crashes I am considering to move to Toad...



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