Shown MySQL-Version incorrect

Plasm posted 6 years ago in General
Heidi displays an incorrect MySQL-Version in the statusbar. See http://plasm.elemental-fusion.de/mysqlversion.gif

This happens when Heidi automatically restores the last session. The displayed version (5.5.12) is the version from the connection that is on bottom of the server-list. I guess, Heidi refreshes the statusbar at every server that is restored, so the last one remains in the statusbar. The currently active connection is the first one from list (with 4.1.12) since it was active when i closed Heidi the last time.

After switching to another connection and back the displayed version is correct.

ansgar posted 6 years ago
Should be fixed in r3870
Plasm posted 6 years ago
Works. Thanks.
Great work at the bugfixing-base. Much stabler now.

[Image deleted]

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