reporting bug

mikgigs posted 6 years ago in General
Steps to reproduce:
1. Selecting database, ->Create new->table->put some name
2. go to indexes tab
3. create index
4. select index
5. clear index
6. remove index - crash

ansgar posted 6 years ago
Having the last 5 lines of the call stack here would be helpful.
mikgigs posted 6 years ago
main thread ($11cc):
0069cd9a heidisql.exe table_editor 1372 +6 TfrmTableEditor.btnRemoveIndexClick
004e94d3 heidisql.exe Controls TControl.Click
0055b78c heidisql.exe ComCtrls TToolButton.Click
004e9979 heidisql.exe Controls TControl.WMLButtonUp
004e8f68 heidisql.exe Controls TControl.WndProc
004e988e heidisql.exe Controls TControl.WMMouseMove
004e8f68 heidisql.exe Controls TControl.WndProc
004ed82c heidisql.exe Controls TWinControl.WndProc
0057e474 heidisql.exe Forms TCustomForm.WndProc
004e8b8c heidisql.exe Controls TControl.Perform
004ecfc4 heidisql.exe Controls GetControlAtPos
004ed08e heidisql.exe Controls TWinControl.ControlAtPos
004e8b8c heidisql.exe Controls TControl.Perform
004ed158 heidisql.exe Controls TWinControl.IsControlMouseMsg
004ed6a8 heidisql.exe Controls TWinControl.WndProc
005601dc heidisql.exe ComCtrls TToolBar.WndProc
004ececc heidisql.exe Controls TWinControl.MainWndProc
004ab73c heidisql.exe Classes StdWndProc
7e418a0b USER32.dll DispatchMessageW
00587443 heidisql.exe Forms TApplication.ProcessMessage
00587486 heidisql.exe Forms TApplication.HandleMessage
005877b1 heidisql.exe Forms TApplication.Run
007ff89f heidisql.exe heidisql 67 +16 initialization
ansgar posted 6 years ago
Fixed in r3855

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