Can't find how to duplicate/clone database

mikgigs posted 6 years ago in Feature discussion
Hi guys, is there a simple option how to clone/rename/or duplicate database. I can't figure myself how to do that.
I have seen that there is an option to dump a database, but no
straightforward one for clonde/duplicate/rename.

Besides, it seems that query field do not catch commands such as
mysqldump, etc.
Thank you
ansgar posted 6 years ago
Rename database:
Right click a database + click "Edit"

Duplicate db:
Create a new, empty db. Right click the source db, click "Export database as SQL". Select output "Database", and select the newly created one.

mysqldump.exe is an executable for the command line prompt, not an SQL command.
fleduc posted 3 years ago
Simplier than that.

- Create a new empty DB [newdb] (where you want to make a copy).
- Select the table you want to copy and with a right click, select export DB to SQL.
- Select proper Data parameter
- For Output select the server on which you new DB is located.
- For Database, select the newly created DB [newdb].
- Click on Export and that's it...

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