Minor Folder Naming Issue

richard43 posted 6 years ago in HeidiSQL portable
This is a nice simple easy to use program. Good job.

I have just one request at this point. When I create a new database using heidisql portable, I often use dashes ("-") rather than underscores ("_") in my database names. When heidisql creates the folder name related to the database name, it replaces each "-" in the database name with a "@002d" in the folder name. Is there an easy way to change that? An example would be:

Database Name = db-test
Folder Name = db@002dtest

Thanks in advance.
ansgar posted 6 years ago
Hehe, this is not done by HeidiSQL, it's the server which needs to escape certain characters in database names. But as long as you access this database via SQL you do not need to bother with the folder name.
richard43 posted 6 years ago
Thanks anse. I just use that format for visual. I will use another character in the future. :-)

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