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snowrat posted 6 years ago in Creating a connection
Hi All
Is there a getting started guide anywhere?
I am trying to connect to a back up of a Wordpress database I have stored locally.
I am also trying to connect to an online Wordpress database but not managing to get the settings working.
Any help/pointers appreciated.
ansgar posted 6 years ago
No tutorial here I'm afraid. Most stuff should be intuitive. Perhaps you can ask more specific and I'll answer?
snowrat posted 6 years ago
What are the steps for making a new connection to a locally stored mysql database back up?
For connecting to an online functioning Wordpress database..
is the ip address the ip of the website where the WP blog is located?
ansgar posted 6 years ago
The IP is often the same as the one used on the webserver, at least on mass hosting systems this is mostly the case when the server runs on the same machine.

I guess with a "local back up" you mean you have installed MySQL on your desktop pc, which then requires you to connect to localhost. Default user is often root with an empty password, but that can have changed by yourself within the installation process.
kalvaro posted 6 years ago
Please forgive me if I'm saying something you already know, but HeidiSQL is not a standalone program: it's only a graphical tool to connect to a third-party application called MySQL Server. As such, it's pretty intuitive for anyone who's familiar with MySQL since it basically reuses all its concepts: server, user, password, database, table... For further reference, you can have a look at the official manual or Google for a MySQL tutorial.

As about your online database, my experience with hosting providers tells me that they don't normally allow remote access by default. If you are given such feature, you need to create a remote user in whatever control panel they use. Their help/support service is probably your best chance.
snowrat posted 6 years ago
Thanks for the info. Will try again to connect to both versions

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