could not establish connection sql error lost connection...

apt41 posted 9 years ago in Creating a connection
I'm unable to connect
Ive been trying to administer remote mysql databases with heidisql 3.2 on my local machine

in heidisql i get

"could not establish connection sql error lost connection to mysql server during query"

it doesn't seem to be a firewall problem and i can ping the remote mysql server
I've tried connecting throu a ssh tunnel with putty(I can log in to ssh)...I've turned off the firewall...
and i've tried connecting directly, I always get the same error, unless I put in the wrong hostname in which case it tells me that it can't be found...

So am I putting in the wrong username/pw/dbname or is it something else? Any help would be appreciated.
ansgar posted 9 years ago
Try out the 4.0RC3 - although the chance is low that will fix your problem. Looks like some server error.
apt41 posted 9 years ago
Thanks anse, yes the problem was at the other end.

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