Help importing sql files

ollyno1uk posted 9 years ago in Import/Export
Ok so I have done something real stupid. I executed a statement that was not correctly written recategorising my whole 150,000 into the same category.

I am looking at my last backup of the file that is about 300mb but I do not want to inport the whole thing - just one table of the 30 odd tables.

The issue is that the file is huge and heidi is not liking it - I am waiting for hours for it to load but im not sure if that will even allow me to only upload one table?

I have also wondered if I could somehow extract the one tables sql data from teh file but as yet the file is too large for me to be able to even open it.

Is there any remedy to this without just restoring the complete backup?

Thanks a lot for any input
ansgar posted 9 years ago
HeidiSQL is not good in loading large files into the editor. The best is to snip the relevant parts using Ultraedit or some other memory saving editor and then copying the part into HeidiSQL's query editor.
ollyno1uk posted 9 years ago
Thanks for the tip.

This worked!

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