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AndreNix posted 6 years ago in Feature discussion

Would it be possible to add more options and values ​​in the API Unnamed -Insert files into table, such as :
%fileextension%, %filemd5sum% and %filesha1sum% to read and store this informations?
I believe that would be of great help functions as well.

ansgar posted 6 years ago
As MD5 and SHA1 functions are natively supported by MySQL (but not by Delphi) I think it's easier to update a table afterwards, e.g. like this:
UPDATE mytable SET col_md5=MD5(col_contents), col_sha=SHA1(col_contents)
AndreNix posted 6 years ago
Hi Anse,
You saved my life!happy

When I posted about the md5sum and sha1sum, was exactly what we needed. happy
We have a photographic collection of approximately 2.5TB and more 4TB of historical documents in pdf format (Blob).

We believe that we have many duplicate files as we are changing some servers, updating versions and even lost some tables and now we are trying to put everything in order.

The use of md5 or sha1 and allows you to check if the hash is in duplicate.

Thank you very much.

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