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quixrick posted 6 years ago in Feature discussion
I'm New To HiediSQL, But So Far, I Absolutely Love This Program. I Had A Question About Result Paging And Wasn't Sure If This Feature Already Existed And I Cannot Find It Or If I Should Make A Feature Request. Is There A Way To Limit In General The Number Of Results That Are Displayed And Page Through Them?

I Ran A Query Which Returned 8,774 Rows. I Don't Know How To Tell How Many It Showed Me (Another Question You May Be Able To Address), But It Looks Like It's Probably 1,000. I'm Generally Only Interested In The First Several Results, So I Was Wondering If There Was Somewhere I Could Set In A Default And Type In "Show Me 100 Results Per Page". Then When It Spits Out The Results, It Would Show Me The First 100 Results (Unless I Specified A Limit) And Then Let Me Page Through Them If I Wanted To See The Results From 100 - 200.

Maybe Something Like In PHPMyAdmin:

Show Rows: < 100 - 200 > Go To Page | 3 | <-Drop Down Menu

You Can Click On The Arrows To Page To The Next Page Or Use The Drop Down Menu To Jump To Page 25 If You Wanted.

Great Program! Thanks So Much!
quixrick posted 6 years ago
I Found Another Thread About The Same Thing And Also Have Accidentally Discovered The Answer To My Row Count Question.

I See Now The Count 10,041:1 In The Status Bar Which Seem To Correlate With The Row And Column. Awesome!

I Also Noticed That There Is A Paging System In Place For The Data Tab, But I Don't See That For The Query Tab. So Right Now It's Loading 10,041 Records Instead Of 100.

I Tried Running A Query On A Table With About 9 Million Records And Not Adding A LIMIT Or WHERE Clause:

SELECT * FROM logging ORDER BY Reference DESC;

And HeidiSQL Said I Ran Out Of Memory And Crashed.

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