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daniele_dll posted 8 years ago in Feature discussion
This is my first post on the forum, but i follow heidisql from a lot of time (well, i mean from mysql front 2).

I wrote, for my softwares, an http tunnel to connect my client/desktop application to mysql without using a direct connection: a lot of hosters/providers block the connection to mysql!

I would be glad to give this code, the web part code, to heidi sql project :)

It's written in PHP and uses a couple security mechanism:
- hash of username/password database with salt
- slots with expiration to give auth to execute query/queries

It supports multiple queries execution (instead to do a tons of calls, just do one and get back the results) with offset/length through derived tables to cut results to shot to video in complex queries (instead to get back all the stuff returnded by a big query, just request for a smaller set of data to show)
ansgar posted 8 years ago
Is there a reason why you double-posted this here and twice in the tracker? Please keep that in issue #1405.
daniele_dll posted 8 years ago
Sorry, but a couple of months ago i posted in the issue 1405 but no answer, so i opened a new issue and posted here too :)
rakics posted 4 years ago
Hi Daniele,

Do you still have that software ?

Best Regards,
scorzen posted 3 years ago
Unfortunatly and like some of my coworkers, I'm working with another tool where it is possible to using the httpTunneling. I'm using now "MySQL Front". Despite the higher quality of HeidiSQL and the great amount of functions by opposition to "MySQL Front". "MySQL Front" is free of charges, have all basics function to create/modify/delete/exporte/import data needed. And the support is quick and nice.
abu posted 1 year ago

Is there a reason why you double-posted this here and twice in the tracker? Please keep that in issue #1405.

ansgar, I can't make that link to work.

It looks like the number of issues in github is much lower than 1405 (as of 17th April 2018, the last issue is #231).

Where can we follow what you call issue #1405 now?


mrfdes posted 4 months ago

Hi daniele_dll, is that software available anywhere? I love HeidiSQL and I am desperate to get into my MySQL DB but i need a HTTP tunnel to achieve that.

Thanks in advance.

emmis posted 4 months ago

Hi Daniele_dll, woud be great to test your solution.

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