New HeidiSQL release: 3.0 BETA

ansgar posted 13 years ago in Anouncements

As I see that the current version runs quite well I want to release the first beta. Some things are better than in the old 2.5 (MySQL 4.1+ authentication), some things have temporarily been disabled until I find a solution to it (CSV-, HTML and XML-Export), and even some things are worse than in the old version (memory usage when exporting tables is as high as the currently selected table-data).

But all in all we have a version which has some improvements over the old 2.5 version and each user has to decide himself which to use.

Important note for *** 2.5-users:
By using this release, an existing registry-key from the old 2.5 version "HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/***/" will be renamed to "HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/HeidiSQL/" at the first start. This is for your conveniance, so that all server-settings and application-settings are just as in your installed version. If you afterwards want to use *** 2.5 again, all settings seem to be gone, because the key was renamed! Please be aware of that, and if you want the old key again, you can simply start regedit and rename the new key again to "***".


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