Oops ! Can't connect to my MySQL Server using HeidiSQL !!!

Null4Ever posted 6 years ago in Creating a connection
Hi everyone,

Can someone try to explain to the newbee that I'm where I'm wrong ?

I've a problem to connect to my MySQL Server when using HeidiSQL when in the same time I can connect to PhpMyAdmin.

Here is my configurations :

The MySQL Server is installed on a PC with Ubuntu 10.04 LST and the LAN IP address of this PC is :

HeidiSQL is installed on a second PC with MS Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bits, and the IP address of this second PC is : (of course on the same physical LAN than the MySQL Server).

From my Windows PC, I can access to the PHPMyAdmin program of the MySQL Server via Firefox with the following address :

However, I can't access to the MySql Server when using HeidySQL even when using the right user ID and Password.

When I try to connect, I receive the following error message : "SQL Error (2003) : Can't connect to MySQL Server on '' (10061)" as you can see with the following screen capture.


Your help will be very appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your time.

Null4Ever posted 6 years ago
Oops, sorry the link is here :


TIA for your help.
ansgar posted 6 years ago
Analyze the root user and its privileges. Check if it may connect from "%" or at least from "192.168.10.%". The error looks exactly as it if that's not the case. Or did you even use different usernames in PMA and HeidiSQL?

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