Option to hide toolbar

Allineer posted 6 years ago in General
Option to hide toolbar - does that exists? Portable.
ansgar posted 6 years ago
No, not an option. The toolbar takes only minimal space and is quite important. But you can move around the 3 bands on the toolbar.
Allineer posted 6 years ago
We have a power system of the logicaly understanded context menus and hotkeys.

"Minimal space" is 2-3 rows of data and this "Minimal space" is very important on the small netbooks.

ansgar posted 6 years ago
If that's *very* important why do you run HeidiSQL on a small netbook? In a grid view you need definitly more space than you have on a 10" netbook screen, even if that toolbar would be gone.
Allineer posted 6 years ago
Because sometimes I do not have to work at my workplace.

anse, why not? One checkbox in Preferences-window and one string in the Form.Show:
toolbar.visible =! checkbox.checked;

ansgar posted 6 years ago
It's one checkbox for all users, which I will surely not add if only one single user wants it. Sorry but you will definitly need a few votes from other users.
Allineer posted 6 years ago
ok. thanks.
Allineer posted 5 years ago
Sorry but you will definitly need a few votes from other users.

Guys, users of the program, you would like to be able to hide the toolbar? Often, you use the buttons on the toolbar, or, perhaps, as I prefer keyboard shortcuts?
I need your votes :)
marcuskoze posted 4 years ago
+1000 for the option to hide the toolbars !

This is an option. You'd offer your users a greater degree of customisation and i don't think it'd take such a huge effort to implement it...

Other than that, thank you guy for Heidi, it's awesome
CxOrg posted 4 years ago
Toolbar editing would be a useful feature or simply show hide of toolbars. This is particularly noticeable since the "Donate" item is now a fixed toolbar without any way to hide it for users who have already donated?
ansgar posted 4 years ago
Donators can of course hide the donate buttons! You can put your email address into the box on the about dialog to hide the buttons.

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