v3.2 memorize table sorting, filter etc VS v4.0 perspective

le_plop posted 8 years ago in General
Hi there,

Once again, well done on the work put in on v4.0... it looks real good. I only have one qualm...

In testing, I've noticed that the auto-memorize functionality, which stores the settings for each table's data view (sort, filter, etc) seems to have been removed. This was one of the biggest improvements from my point of view since upgrading from mysqlfront to heidisql.

I can understand that the perspective functionality allows you to store these settings as required, as well as the ability to set one to default. However, if you wish to switch between multiple tables regularly, without losing what the previous settings were, you'd need to store the perspective with each click, which can become repetitive. Having it done automatically was fantastic, in my opinion.

Is there any way that this functionality could be added back - perhaps as a switchable option in preferences. I'd REALLY welcome it! :)

Best regards,

ansgar posted 8 years ago
See issue #822

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