Help fast please HeidiSQL problem Remote Control

superboy13 posted 6 years ago in General
Hello, and thank you for all looking at my thread today, i'm here to ask how can i setup remote control for my Brothers World of warcraft Database...we have tried everything...We went to Users and added me for a account that didnt work or anything can someone please help me step by step also we live in the same house and have a Router not a Modem
ansgar posted 6 years ago
It's a bit hard to understand what your question is, but I assume you did not manage to create a MySQL user via HeidiSQL. You should try to give that user the allowed host "%", so he can connect from everywhere.
kalvaro posted 6 years ago
For whatever the reason, this forum gets misguided questions about World of Warcraft now and then.

HeidiSQL is a graphical tool to manage a database from the MySQL vendor. Like all database engines, you can use MySQL to store any arbitrary data you want: from the local telephone guide to your company's book-keeping.

Forum regulars will be happy to help you with questions related to HeidiSQL (after all, that's what forum is for) and I admit it's possible that you can also get help about generic MySQL questions (they are off-topic here but we might know the answer anyway). However, most of us have never played World of Warcraft and we don't know more about WoW than we know about your company's book-keeping.

I mention this because I have the impression that when you say "remote control account" you are referring to some game stuff. Never in my life have I heard the expression "remote control" applied to MySQL.

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