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AntonioCS posted 8 years ago in Feature discussion

If I do a 'select' I can't change the returned data.

This would be really helpful to be able to do because I am working with some huge tables and it's a lot easier to just do a simple select for the id and then edit that id instead of either writing an update query or going in the data list and editing there
ansgar posted 8 years ago
For grid editing you can use the data tab. The grid in query tab is yet read only for complexity reasons. See also issue #723
AntonioCS posted 8 years ago
I know I can edit the data tab. That's not my problem.
As I said I am working with very big tables, and I don't want to create update queries when I want to edit something. Not when I have something like heidiSQL which is suppose to make my life easier.

I hate phpMyAdmin, but I know that it allows for this to be done
rosenfield posted 8 years ago
Antonio, you haven't explained why you cannot simply use the Data tab for editing the table data.

The Data tab:
- limits the amount of data it selects, and is therefore very fast
- allows you to hide columns you don't want to see/edit
- allows you to add a filtering clause to filter out rows -||-
- allows editing!

If you really have a problem that the Data tab cannot solve, you can take the SELECT query and prepend it with "CREATE VIEW ... AS", at which point you should be able to use the data tab to edit the result set of your SELECT query (as long as the server thinks it is possible).

I guess you could add a feature request for a button to automatically create the VIEW and start browsing it, which would improve the workflow when going from the "writing a query" state to the "want to modify results" state.

If you still think you need updatable queries, then there is at least one RFE issue in the tracker about it, issue #1212, but it doesn't have a meaningful use case (yet).
vga posted 8 years ago
I want to know how to make the DataGrid edit mode like MySQL Front, thabks lot.
ansgar posted 8 years ago
Please explain "like MySQL Front" ? What exactly is missing or different?
vga posted 8 years ago
both MySQL Front and heidisql use virtuallstringview to display and edit data. In MySQL Front I can input data without press F2 or Enter Key,when I entry large number data by datagrid, I have to press F2 frequency.
vga posted 8 years ago
most grid compment edit style same to Excel except Heidisql. I only want to know how to make DataGrid edit mode like MySQL Front, thanks.
ansgar posted 8 years ago
I think you're talking about issue #911.
vga posted 8 years ago
vga posted 8 years ago
"Comment 11 by SuperNiFF, Mar 05, 2010
What I would personally prefer is the following:

* [already implemented] Single click on any cell other than the currently selected
one commits changes, stops edit mode (if it was in edit mode), and selects the
pointed cell.

* [new] Double click on another cell commits changes and edits the newly pointed
cell. Currently doubleclicking on another cell while in edit mode works like a single

[Already implemented] If the grid is in edit mode:
* Cursor left/right are used for moving the caret in the currently edited text.
* Cursor left/right is used to move to the next/previous cell of the same record.

* [New] alt+ Cursor up/down commits changes if the grid is in edit mode, and moves to
the next/previous record. Editmode remains unchanged!
The alt is needed because up/down keys might be needed for timefields and multiline

* [Already implemented] Tab/Shift Tab moves to the next/previous field. No commits
done. Editmode remains unchanged (keep editing if in edit mode, just select cells

* [New] Typing F2, RETURN, or any alphanumeric character (without ctrl or alt
pressed) puts the currently selected cell in edit mode if it wasn't yet.

That way you can keep editing consecutive rows and fields without ever using the
mouse or anything else to trigger edit mode.
If you want to type something, just start typing.
If you click around with single clicks, you just select cells, just as you would

To start edit mode when you type an alphanumeric character is like Excel, but in
Excel you can't stay in edit mode when you move to another cell, which I've always
found really annoying. Tab/Shift Tab in HeidiSQL is really handy, and adding alt-
up/down would allow a similar thing in vertical direction basically (except that data
will be posted)."

when will this work?
ansgar posted 8 years ago
Hey, please don't cited comment from the bugtracker here in the forum. Just stick to the bugtracker please.

I think that SuperNiff is the first one with good ideas on that topic. I'll see what I like to have in the grid soon.
vga posted 8 years ago
oh, sorry

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