Portable version of HeidiSQL 4

evdebo posted 10 years ago in HeidiSQL portable
The question has already been put in this topic, but i was wondering IF (and if so, WHEN) a portable version of HeidiSQL 4 will be released.
I like the app this much, that it just can't stay away from my portableapps collection ... it's my swiss knife for MySQL ;-)

Can anybody of the dev team reply to this?

Maybe i'm just asking for something nobody is interested in ... or maybe just the opposite is true ... that's why i added a poll.

ansgar posted 10 years ago
The developer of the portable version is destbr - didn't hear anything from him after he had put the v3.2 online, which is about 1 year ago. See also http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=164593&package_id=237696
ansgar posted 10 years ago
Ups, that link to our packages at Sourceforge is no longer working.
ansgar posted 10 years ago
Francisco has updated the portable installer. You'll find it here.

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