Filtering Maintenance results

djdjohnson posted 7 years ago in Feature discussion
One of our servers has about 8000 tables on it. Periodically I run a database check on it to make sure that everything is working right. HeidiSQL handles this fine for the most part, but trying to find the 'corrupt' entries in a list that long is time consuming and tricky.

Would it be possible to add an option that doesn't include the "OK" results in the result list? It would be much easier to find the tables that need to be repaired if only the damaged tables show up in the results.


Could you add an 'auto-repair' option to the Check operation when it encounters a corrupted table? Even if the check results don't include all of the 'OK' results I still have to scroll through the table list and select all of the tables that need to be repaired.
ansgar posted 7 years ago
Did you know you can sort that result list by clicking a column header? Should help you in finding the broken tables.

For the auto-repair, I'm a bit undecided and I'm unsure if I'm able to detect a broken, repairable table. Please some hints.
djdjohnson posted 7 years ago
When a table has become corrupted and needs to be repaired, Msg_type=error, Msg_text=Corrupt.

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