Synchronize feature doesn't work

Igreh posted 6 years ago in General
I'm trying synchronize 2 local DB. After ticking source and target DB's and running analyzing I see all differencies. After ticking differencies I need - I can't click on "Apply" button, because it's not active.
And, also, if click twice or more on "analyze" button, differencies are added each time to resultant list, when the expected result is reanalyze.
Please tell - where am i wrong?
I'm using the last version of HeidiSQL -
ansgar posted 6 years ago
Yes, that's a feature in progress currently, although not very active progress I'm afraid. See issue #1289.
Igreh posted 6 years ago
This feature was the reason of why I decided to try HeidiSQL
ansgar posted 6 years ago
Hehe. Well, there are lots of other working features :)
guforosso posted 4 years ago
status of this feature ?

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