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New features: Multiple query tabs, new table editor

ansgar's profile image ansgar posted 11 years ago in News Permalink
Most wished by HeidiSQL users: having more than one query tab. Just implemented that, trying to adapt most nice tabbed interface details:
* Create new tab with Ctrl+T or by doubleclicking the empty tab space
* Close tab either by clicking a close button or with Ctrl+F4

Not the newest one, but also not in the recent 4.0 final yet: A completely rewritten editor for table structures. Replaces various legacy dialogs in one powerful GUI, with even more functions than before:
* In-memory editing until you press "Save"
* Grid like editing of all column properties
* Advanced table options gathered on a seperate tabsheet
* CREATE and ALTER code for preview and copy+paste purposes

Give it a try and download a nightly build.
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  • table_editor

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