New user, how do I get this thing to work?

butterflybill posted 6 years ago in General
I've apparently got connected to my SQL server OK. I created a database with software provided by my domain provider, and now I am logged into it with yours. The first thing I want to do is create a table. (There are now none existing on it; the database right now is totally naked.)

I've found an arrow that says, "Execute SQL", but how do I enter code to execute? I cant find anywhere on the GUI where you can put a cursor down to start typing it. Do I have to type files in Notepad, change the .txt extension to .sql, and use the "Load SQL" button?

I have also found that page full of screen shots, but how do I access all those different views? (There's no "View" on the menu bar.)
ansgar posted 6 years ago
SQL code must be written into the editor in a "Query" tab.

When you have created a table, you will see the table editor. Creating a table is normally done by right click on a database > Create new > table . Same goes for views. After having created a table, you can doubleclick a table to show the table editor again.

Many of the other screens are separate dialogs. Please look into the main menu, and the man toolbar.
bonor11 posted 6 years ago
You must be a real noob to not know how this tools works but who am I to judge...
I do think in general that the menu of HeidiSQL is not complete which probably makes it slightly difficult or confusing to new users ...for example there is no 'File Open' or 'Edit undo/redo' in the menu...

btw. He means the 'View' menu item where you usually check/unckeck different windows in a program.
butterflybill posted 6 years ago
Yes, I am a total noob both on this software and SQL in general. like in staring the afternoon before the evening I posted my first message. (I can't resist looking at SQL and wanting to say "squill". Does anybody else do this?)

How do I "write code into the query tab". like in what do I point the little arrow to first and then what keys do I push?
butterflybill posted 6 years ago
Now I can't get the god damn thing to connect this morning, using the same hostname, user, and password that i entered into that wizard last night. What happened? I "saved" last nights session, then I clicked Open this morning and got "access denied" I didn't change a thing.
jfalch posted 6 years ago
in the tree on the left side, either click on the server name (on top) or on one of the database names below it. On the top of the right side, you will see several tabes, the last of which should be labelled "Query". Click on the word "Query"; an empty panel will be shown below it, possibly with a numeral 1 on the left side ("for text line number 1"), and a blinking cursor (verrtical line). Now type in text, ie one or more SQL statements, separated by semicolons; then press F9 to execute them.
If you have no idea what an SQL statement is,
a) for example, this is one:
b) get a book about SQL and learn to use it; I can recommend e.g. "Learning MySQL". This here is a support forum for a particular mysql client software, not a "how do i use a database" tutorial.

Good luck.

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