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Duration for multiple queries shows duration for last query 2 General David Marcus's profile image David Marcus (3) 6 hours ago
COALESCE function and 0000-00-00' dates in Heidi 2 General Eur0's profile image Eur0 (2) 13 hours ago
How to redo a DELETE FROM 1 General kevilicious's profile image kevilicious (1) 2 days ago
Download counter stops before midway 2 General INMOVES's profile image INMOVES (14) 2 days ago
All cell values in results view show "Node" 5 General HerrimanCoder's profile image HerrimanCoder (8) 3 days ago
suggest for save database 2 General mhubaut's profile image mhubaut (4) 5 days ago
no HotDB database selected 13 Creating a connection lin.chq's profile image lin.chq (10) 6 days ago
Stream read error opening UTF-8 file 2 General lieszkol's profile image lieszkol (11) 6 days ago
Popup editor has truncated string 3 Feature discussion's profile image (2) 1 week ago
Automatically import .csv file to database 2 General Eisram's profile image Eisram (2) 1 week ago
Upgrade MariaDB bundled installation? 8 Installation krilbe's profile image krilbe (8) 1 week ago
PostgreSQL 0 General abruck's profile image abruck (49) 1 week ago
How do I create a connection to a MYSQL database running on Ubuntu 20.04 on WSL2 on Windows 10? 1 Creating a connection spinozarabel's profile image spinozarabel (2) 2 weeks ago
Where are the user settings saved? 5 Installation radgh's profile image radgh (3) 2 weeks ago
Force install 32bit on 64bit Win10 system 2 Installation ramses's profile image ramses (1) 2 weeks ago
yubikey login 0 Feature discussion sureshkuna's profile image sureshkuna (1) 2 weeks ago
HeidiSQL stays minimized in tray 4 General spicygun's profile image spicygun (1) 2 weeks ago
You have an Error in your sql Syntax 0 General doubt's profile image doubt (1) 2 weeks ago
Import from phpmyadmin to heidi & heidi to phpmyadmin? 0 General Polecat's profile image Polecat (1) 2 weeks ago
Code assistant for help 2 General changzq's profile image changzq (5) 2 weeks ago
When open SQL file at first time, Error occurs 2 General changzq's profile image changzq (5) 2 weeks ago
Keyboard-Interactive authentication prompts from server 9 Creating a connection Saju's profile image Saju (5) 3 weeks ago
Formatting of View definitions 2 General Wolfgang Jacques's profile image Wolfgang Jacques (10) 3 weeks ago
How to create a new query table with a new connection_id 1 Creating a connection changzq's profile image changzq (5) 3 weeks ago
Blurry text on 4k display 54 General sumon's profile image sumon (20) 3 weeks ago
import: missing row - no error messageg / import log? 0 Import/Export backtester's profile image backtester (1) 3 weeks ago
Data table not scrolling to currently selected column on press tab while in edit mode 5 General Pakumen's profile image Pakumen (3) 3 weeks ago
Feature request - interactive query builder 0 Feature discussion sasho's profile image sasho (4) 3 weeks ago
deleting a character in a string 1 General aqvador's profile image aqvador (1) 3 weeks ago
Copy Database 7 Import/Export Nazmul Hasan Nero's profile image Nazmul Hasan Nero (1) 4 weeks ago
Show SQL LOAD DATA option, removed? 3 General ahamilton's profile image ahamilton (2) 4 weeks ago
Strange Characters 2 General kodame's profile image kodame (2) 4 weeks ago
HighDPI support in Windows 1 General jckodel's profile image jckodel (2) 4 weeks ago
About YugabyteDB 1 General jckodel's profile image jckodel (2) 4 weeks ago
Error connecting to SQL server 19 General CarlosC's profile image CarlosC (3) 4 weeks ago
Comparison of PostgreSQL GUIs 1 News ansgar's profile image ansgar (8955) 4 weeks ago
Heidisql Error: An error occurred in the application cannot focus a disabled or invisible 4 General zulkhaery's profile image zulkhaery (1) 1 month ago
Applying 'XXX' to multiple lines 2 General kaweng88's profile image kaweng88 (5) 1 month ago
crash after changing application language 1 HeidiSQL portable abu's profile image abu (13) 1 month ago
Auto Increment problem 5 General's profile image (3) 1 month ago
Extract table names from Database 2 Running SQL scripts BigBaz's profile image BigBaz (21) 1 month ago
Microsoft SQL Server (SSH tunnel) 1 Feature discussion mindc's profile image mindc (1) 1 month ago
HeidiSQL 11.2 with support for check constraints and CSV layout detection 1 Anouncements ansgar's profile image ansgar (8955) 1 month ago
Create or alter table view, tab basic 3 General Roelie's profile image Roelie (4) 1 month ago
BSOD when moving HeidiSQL to another monitor 4 General kalvaro's profile image kalvaro (959) 1 month ago
Access violation when adding columns. 3 General YOLED's profile image YOLED (1) 1 month ago
A table has 6 records, Heidi only shows 4 12 General MBaas's profile image MBaas (8) 1 month ago
New query tab settings 0 General TorukCamanbay's profile image TorukCamanbay (2) 1 month ago
Postgres JSONB Update from Grid 2 General rolandkreuzer's profile image rolandkreuzer (2) 1 month ago
crash when copying a table 0 General samhill5215's profile image samhill5215 (15) 2 months ago
"Range check error" on startup after upgrading to last version 3 General TomasB's profile image TomasB (18) 2 months ago
Dropping a TAble 2 Feature discussion BigBaz's profile image BigBaz (21) 2 months ago
Ability to disable prompting to save queries 2 Feature discussion marmolada's profile image marmolada (2) 2 months ago
Huge memory consumption on startup 0 General TomasB's profile image TomasB (18) 2 months ago
Add "Empty Tables" with disabled foreign key checks 2 Feature discussion Acs's profile image Acs (38) 2 months ago
Library options not showing up 1 General exilezz100's profile image exilezz100 (2) 2 months ago
HeidiSql need Dark Theme 6 Feature discussion admin's profile image admin (4) 2 months ago
Bug CTRL + Z 5 General junior.remualdo's profile image junior.remualdo (4) 2 months ago
Renaming a View name 2 General BigBaz's profile image BigBaz (21) 2 months ago
UI Issue on secondary display - non default themes - vertical task bar 1 General arunawalpola's profile image arunawalpola (1) 2 months ago
Donate banner dissappeard... then returned. 1 General art's profile image art (1) 2 months ago
CHECKSUB DB 0 General's profile image (2) 2 months ago
MariaDB cannot alter table with generated column (workaround) 0 General frankw's profile image frankw (1) 2 months ago
Highlighting same selection in whole command window 1 General gregor.tusar's profile image gregor.tusar (1) 2 months ago
After db logout, heidi crash 0 General yucikala's profile image yucikala (15) 2 months ago
Transactions Not Working IN HediSQL but are working in PHPMYADMIN 2 General jocose's profile image jocose (2) 2 months ago
Editing of queries disabled when more than one table 0 General blcartwright's profile image blcartwright (1) 2 months ago
Option for default query tab height? 7 General JAB Creations's profile image JAB Creations (26) 2 months ago
Solving Assigning CTRL+ENTER as a Shortcut in v11 0 Import/Export jwan's profile image jwan (3) 2 months ago
Cannot set shortcut to Ctrl-ENTER 5 General mpovidlov's profile image mpovidlov (1) 2 months ago
Sort by IP Address 5 Feature discussion coderoad's profile image coderoad (4) 2 months ago
boolean musings 0 General samhill5215's profile image samhill5215 (15) 2 months ago
MariaDB connect engine 2 Feature discussion RiddlerX2's profile image RiddlerX2 (3) 2 months ago
Follow foreign keys 1 General ferenczy's profile image ferenczy (3) 2 months ago
Allowing more chars 1 General Steve2106's profile image Steve2106 (2) 2 months ago
Is HeidySql work with Postgres 13? 2 General mnk's profile image mnk (16) 2 months ago
Access denied for user root@ 3 General nipukabadi's profile image nipukabadi (3) 2 months ago
Find text on server/trigger 0 General BubikolRamios's profile image BubikolRamios (598) 2 months ago
Pocesses/host 1 General BubikolRamios's profile image BubikolRamios (598) 2 months ago
MariaDB Datatype length keeps changing 2 General Conz's profile image Conz (2) 2 months ago
MariaDB10 Stored Procedure Select with variable TableName 1 General Franky's profile image Franky (2) 2 months ago
Connecting to Oracle 12 Creating a connection wremacle's profile image wremacle (3) 2 months ago
table doesn't exit in engine 1 General andrea_ca_gt's profile image andrea_ca_gt (2) 2 months ago
BIT(64) Field 2 General TomMettam's profile image TomMettam (2) 2 months ago
create a new localhost session with connection type Microsoft SQL Server (TCP/IP) 2 Creating a connection dami97's profile image dami97 (2) 2 months ago
How to omit / disable a # wildcard in a GET request 1 General harald's profile image harald (1) 2 months ago
cancel export of table does not work 2 Import/Export Gaetano's profile image Gaetano (5) 2 months ago
Cannot find a usable libmariadb.dll. 20 General shulato's profile image shulato (1) 2 months ago
workbook to create triggers and procedures 2 General's profile image (61) 3 months ago
Slow movement across rows and columns 3 General alex.fed.79's profile image alex.fed.79 (3) 3 months ago
Can't connect to MySQL server on '' (10061) 1 General erick743436's profile image erick743436 (3) 3 months ago
Recognize settings for - Database Tools > Database SQL export - in connection settings 2 Feature discussion StephanBiegel's profile image StephanBiegel (2) 3 months ago
Warning error 1 Import/Export kaprofile5's profile image kaprofile5 (3) 3 months ago
the view does not copy data to the table (menu->copy table) 5 General us12mm's profile image us12mm (4) 3 months ago
One file per database 2 Import/Export daltinkurt's profile image daltinkurt (12) 3 months ago
Auto-Detect File Encoding Message 8 General muzza4's profile image muzza4 (59) 3 months ago
Como faço para comparar 2 colunas em bancos diferentes 0 General cassio américo's profile image cassio américo (4) 3 months ago
Can't connect to MariaDB server 1 General Happymeall's profile image Happymeall (1) 3 months ago
libmariadb.dll not loaded 14 General Verolomstvo's profile image Verolomstvo (14) 3 months ago
Select columns from two tables based on 2 conditions 1 Running SQL scripts anna-banana's profile image anna-banana (1) 3 months ago
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