Do not show triggers in database view

ifgitman posted 5 years ago in Feature discussion
Hi! I'm new using HeidiSQL, and I find it is not intuitive to see when a trigger belongs to a table, and wich are the table's triggers. In adition, the view of the database's objets is full with triggers that are meaningless out of the context of its table.
I think it's better to show it as sub-nodes of the table, like in MySQL-Front.
ansgar posted 5 years ago
Well triggers are separately managed by MySQL, as you see with SHOW TRIGGERS and SHOW TABLES. And triggers need quite a few GUI controls to be editable, which I would not want to see in the already overcrowded table designer, would you?
ifgitman posted 5 years ago
I understand your point, but I can't find an easy way to determine wich triggers are on a certain table.
What about adding a new tab in the table designer, beside the "Foreign keys" one? It could list the table's triggers and link to the current trigger designer.
And when seeing the objects in the database, I can find them more quickly when they are sorted by type: first tables, then procedures, then functions, and so on...

Thanks for your answer, and sorry for my english!
ansgar posted 5 years ago
You can sort triggers by all different columns, including the rightmost "Type" column. Just click on their column headers.
ifgitman posted 5 years ago
Yes, but it would be better if the tables were first; and the left panel tree view can't be sorted.
ansgar posted 5 years ago
> would be better if the tables were first

Well, that sounds very cosmetic to me. However, this is how it works in HeidiSQL.
MaXyM posted 12 months ago
I would like to rise up this issue again.

I want to join the idea of trigger visually linked its table. Just for better user experience.
Today, since HeidiSQL supports various databases, it really doesn't matter how MySQL handle triggers.

I'd like to ask to add new tab for triggers to table editor window.
Another suggested way is to add children items to table tree. It could contain equivalent of the tabs. MySQL QueryBrowse as well as pgAdmin does it this way.

Please note that this request is really justified. Just imagine thousands of triggers vs hundreds of tables with a few triggers each.

with regards
ansgar posted 12 months ago
Did you already try to activate "Tree style options" > "Group objects by type", in the context menu of the tree? Like shown in the help section.
MaXyM posted 12 months ago
Yes, I have it checked by default.
Point is, that all triggers (in particular schema) are collected in branch
schema > triggers
while it would be better to split them and show under:
schema > tables > particular_table > triggers

I hope we both agree such arrangement is logical since (row) triggers can't exist without a table and might considered as table "children"
MaXyM posted 11 months ago
Does no response means accepted for development?
ansgar posted 11 months ago
No. I can only say this is how that works in HeidiSQL. There won't be additional tree levels below a table.
MaXyM posted 11 months ago
OK. What about additional tab for table details (next to indexes and foreign keys)?
MaXyM posted 11 months ago
Any thoughts?

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