New Feature ?

jsdeter posted 4 years ago in General
I've been wondering what the two small windows are below the tree structure. They have two different symobols that seem to indicate a database (left) and table (right). Can anyone tell me what these are for?
ansgar posted 4 years ago
Yes, these are filter input boxes. They should have a hint but probably that's not so noticable. However, the left one filters databases and the right one filters tables in the tree.
jayknight posted 3 years ago
Can I just say that this is a really great change. Filtering with the "or" ('|') operator lets you build a set of tables that are related to what you are doing right now, and the box saves your searches so you can pull them up again later.

Is there a hotkey to focus this filter area? It would be nice to find a table without having to grab the mouse.
ansgar posted 3 years ago
No hotkey yet.

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