HeidiSQL 8.0 released

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Written by ansgar
1 year ago
Category: Anouncements
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343 revisions after the 7.0 release follows the new 8.0 release of HeidiSQL now.

Get it from the download page.

Here are the most noticable changes:

- Available in 23 languages now. Thanks to all translators and Transifex hereby!
- Database tree: Introduce optional folders for tables, views, routines etc.
- Introduce session folders in session manager.
- Make routine editor work on MS SQL servers.
- Support search and replace in data and query results.
- Add support for microseconds in temporal datatypes of MariaDB 5.3+ and MySQL 5.6.
- Introduce a query history, available in the right side helpers box. Can be turned off.
- Implement grid export as PHP array.
- Host > Variables: Add "Global" column, and highlight values different to their session pendant
- Add menu item for launching mysql.exe command line with current parameters.

... and more:
- Table editor: Fix handling of BIT default values, and support BIT columns in MS SQL.
- Table editor: Improve selection of ENUM and SET default values
- User manager: Support dots in database and table privileges
- Data grids: Support copying/pasting NULL values
- Fix stripped backslashes in VIEW body editor
- Apply hotkeys to dialog buttons
- Grid export: Remove zero padding to avoid octal => integer conversion in PHP
- Data grid: Propose column names from selected table in filter panel
- Database and new table filter above database tree
- Table editor: Display number of selected columns in status bar
- Database tree: Indicate previously selected tables with a non-ghosted icon in the tree, while leaving never selected ones ghosted
- Display timestamp in very right status bar panel when executing a query
- Table editor: Add missing DATE and TIME datatypes for MS SQL
- Table editor: Support old style "TYPE BTREE" in table index code
- Routine editor: Finally fix ramshackle detection of routine body
- Data grid: Make foreign values drop down optionally
- Dialogs: Introduce "KeepAskingSetting" checkbox
- Session manager: Move startup script and local time zone options together with SSL settings to a new "Advanced" tab
- SQL export: Support filename and dirname patterns in export target combobox
- Database tree: Display overlay icons for some special table engines like federated, csv, aria and performance_schema
- Implement an automatic keep-alive ping, to prevent SSH tunnels from disconnecting
- Add support for renaming tables in MS SQL
- Fix crash on exit when connected to pre-4.1 servers
- Table editor: Enhance MS SQL compatibility in table editor
- Fix and enhance handling of multiple statements and multiple results
- Grid export: Add "Include query" and "Include auto increment column" checkbox options
- Processlist: Add link label "EXPLAIN Analyzer on MariaDB.org"
- Internal: Refactor logic for reading and writing application and session settings
- Session manager: Introduce new columns "Last connect" and "Counter"
- Extend the variable editor to explicitly modify strings, numbers, booleans or enumerations
- Detect client timezone and send SET time_zone to the server, so that NOW() and friends return UTC-fixed values
- Session manager: Add server specific icons for TokuDB, InfiniDB and Infobright
- Session handling: Use home brown file format for exporting and importing registry settings, as used for the portable version
- Implement usage of mysql_warning_count(). Ask for running SHOW WARNINGS in a new query tab.
- Fix command line for Wine users
- Introduce new preference option "Prefill empty date/time fields".
- Restore previous selection after refreshing process list (and neighbor tabs)
Written by Curanai
1 year ago
23 posts since Fri, 15 Apr 11
I guess, I am not the only one working at this weekend ...wink

Dear Ansgar,

congratulations - v8 with some interesting features. But sometimes two words represent the required most of all: thank you!

Keep up the very good work - I LOVE your "Heidi". :D

Written by 17795
1 year ago
7 posts since Mon, 13 Jun 11
Good news guys ! Heidi is a very good client, you did a so great job ! Congrats and good luck !
Written by Ti9eR
1 year ago
35 posts since Wed, 29 Feb 12
thank you!
Written by Rvanlaak
1 year ago
25 posts since Sat, 25 Dec 10
Great to hear! Thanks for all efforts...
Written by studyzy
1 year ago
1 posts since Mon, 20 May 13
Good new version. Fixed the bugs, hope it better!
Written by ImRicoh
1 year ago
2 posts since Thu, 23 May 13
Why not add object groups. For example.

and more
Written by ansgar
1 year ago
5023 posts since Fri, 07 Apr 06
This is in the new 8.0 release. You just need to right click the tree > "Tree style options" > "Group by type".
Written by epielettronica
1 year ago
4 posts since Thu, 23 May 13
In this version I can't see all the field using special char such as [ and ]
ex: Vout_[V]
Mysql permit the use of special char using '' to indicate the field...
Best regards
Written by stepler654
1 year ago
1 posts since Thu, 23 May 13
Thanks a lot!
Query history that's what I really missed!
Written by kalvaro
1 year ago
595 posts since Thu, 29 Nov 07
I can confirm there're several issues if you have a column called "Vout_[V]":

The column doesn't appear:
- In the table editor
- In the "Data" tab
- In the right pane

Switching to the "CREATE code" tab in the table editor makes HeidiSQL crash.

I suppose the issue lies in the regular expression that extracts columns names.
Written by ansgar
1 year ago
5023 posts since Fri, 07 Apr 06
Quote parsing fixed in r4397
Written by ImRicoh
1 year ago
2 posts since Thu, 23 May 13
How can select which tables to export data.

for example

+ DataBase
[X] [X] Table1
[X] [ ] Table2
[X] [X] Table3
[X] [ ] Table4

Best Regards
Written by ansgar
1 year ago
5023 posts since Fri, 07 Apr 06
Please do not use this release thread for such questions.
Written by dodfr
1 year ago
46 posts since Mon, 24 Sep 12
Query history ??? yes !!!
Written by Rvanlaak
1 year ago
25 posts since Sat, 25 Dec 10
Come on guys, create new threads for feature requests...
Written by smserwan
1 year ago
1 posts since Sat, 01 Jun 13
thankyou thankyou thankyou
i'm a big fan of heidiSQL
it's a great software

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