Cann't connect over SSH

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Written by dubbeltje
10 months ago
Category: Creating a connection
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I am running Heidi on windows 7.
But I keep getting the following Error:

Sql Error(2003) in statement #0: Can't connect to MySQL server 'localhost' (10061)

In the Session Manager I choose the following options:

Settings Tab:
Mysql SSH tunnel
Hostname: localhost
User: [mysqluser]
Password: [mysqlpassowrd}
port 3306

SSH Tunnel tab
Link to link.exe
SSH host [host] Port 22
Plink timeout 8 seconds
local port 33010

I can login to my tunnel using putty. No problem and I also know that the passwords are right.

Any suggestions?

Written by jfalchMoney, Euro
10 months ago
352 posts since Sat, 17 Oct 09
a) is the field after "plink exe location" empty ? or does it contain the path of a local plink.exe on your system ?

b) is this the first time that you tried to contact the server via SSH ? if so, you must first call plink.exe once manually, to answer the question wether the serverĀ“s key is Ok and should be stored to registry. (plink.exe Username@host)
Written by dubbeltje
10 months ago
3 posts since Wed, 12 Jun 13
Hi jfalch

a) it's not empty. I filled in the path to plink
b) Yes its the first time. I started plink from command line. But don't get a question if the server's key is ok.

Any idea's?
Written by dubbeltje
10 months ago
3 posts since Wed, 12 Jun 13

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