Renaming of query tab

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Written by biju_ps
1 year ago
Category: Feature discussion
4 posts since Tue, 02 Oct 12

In Heidi new query tab are automatically named viz query1,query2... queryN . This tab names cannot be renamed by the user now.If you have lots of tabs then its very difficult to find a specific query. It will be a great feature if the user can rename the tabs.

Written by hrvoj3e
12 months ago
8 posts since Fri, 21 Jun 13
Nice one! smile
Written by csiqojerncjsa
11 months ago
12 posts since Sun, 10 Jul 11
I support this good idea
Written by d9k
10 months ago
1 posts since Tue, 12 Nov 13
Make this tiny improvement please. Thanks)
Written by QuintusTasmanianDevil
9 months ago
27 posts since Tue, 12 Nov 13

If you could also pin them that too would be very nice.

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