Where does get Heidi "network" figures from a query

Joselitux posted 2 years ago in General
Hi folks!

Executing some long queries Heidi is giving me some numbers about duration and network.

0,045 sec (+35,131 sec. network)

My guess is that we're having network latency issues
must we improve network performance or I'm missing the point?

ansgar posted 2 years ago
I'm not 100% sure if you can rely on these details. However, here is how I am counting these both values:
* time that takes mysql_real_query() = query time (0,045 sec)
* time that takes mysql_store_result() = network time (35,131 sec)

Mostly you have long network times on queries which return *much data*. The query itself seems to be ok. The call to mysql_store_result is as far as I know transferring the result over the net.
Joselitux posted 2 years ago
Thanks ansgar
I Will check if running on server itself we Get better numbers. We were worried a bit because of probable latency issues

Thanks a lot
ansgar posted 2 years ago
After the result has "arrived" in the HeidiSQL grid, rightclick the grid, then click "Export grid rows". You will see a roughly calculated size of the whole result. Should be quite much according to 35sec. Or, if it's just a bit, then probably your network connection is slow, or HeidiSQL does the calculation wrong.
itsho posted 12 months ago

that's quite weird.
i'm getting this on remote (connected to server IP):
Affected rows: 0 Found rows: 14,560 Warnings: 0 Duration for 1 query: 23.250 sec. (+ 71.828 sec. network)

And this on local (connected to
Affected rows: 0 Found rows: 14,560 Warnings: 0 Duration for 1 query: 23.884 sec. (+ 69.374 sec. network)

i'm using HeidiSQL
MySQL server version is 5.7.4

user01 posted 12 months ago
Is there any way of decreasing this network latency? I want to optimise my queries as well?

ansgar posted 12 months ago
Be sure to have "Compressed protocol" activated in your session.

Apart from that, increase your bandwidth to your server.

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