Different session icons for identical MySql servers

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Written by rcdmk
4 months ago
Category: General
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I have a list with about 30 sessions registered on Heidi and some of them uses an orange circle with the letter P inside it (I don't know this icon), the rest of them uses the regular MySql dolphin icon.

All sessions are for MySql servers and are configured the same way. No special settings for security, just the server name, user and password are different.

The question is: Why are some of this sessions (at least 6 of them) shows a different icon?

HeidiSQL version: (but this started since the last major update if my memory don't fail me)
Written by ansgar
4 months ago
4785 posts since Fri, 07 Apr 06
Probably you see that logo here: http://www.percona.com/ ?

HeidiSQL detects special MySQL servers, like MariaDB, Percona, and also TokuDB, InfiniDB and Infobright.

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