fields should be copied

clesq posted 3 years ago in Feature discussion

There should be an option that copies all the fields into clipboard as text. It is difficult to copy all items one by one.

ansgar posted 3 years ago
Where are you, when doing that? Data tab? Table editor? Query result grid?
clesq posted 3 years ago
I'm at table editor, looking at listed columns and i'm trying to copy-paste each of them one by one into my script as text.smile
ansgar posted 3 years ago
There are other ways doing that. One way is to copy the structure out of the "Create code" tab. Another one is to go to the query tab when that table is opened, and drag one or multiple column names from the right hand helpers box ("columns in tablexyz").
clesq posted 2 years ago
I tried but it's not a pratical way to copy all the table names by dragging one by one or exporting the structure...

It would be a very good feature of HeidiSQL if all the tablenames (or field names) could be copied by right-clicking on the table/db and selected "copy all table/field names into clipboard"

Also HeidiSQL would be a better tool with "db/table compare" option. Sometimes I need to compare each table

ansgar posted 2 years ago
You *can* select multiple columns in the right box on any query tab. Then drag them into the editor. When dragging, you even can press Shift+Ctrl to have columns in separate lines instead of listing them in a one-liner.

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