Postgresql Support

SpongeBobTR posted 1 year ago in General
Do you think about to add Postgresql support?

Because this project is great and if we could use heidiSQL with postgresql together, this would be fantastic! :)

you have done excellent job, Ansgar Becker.wink
yahyasonmez posted 12 months ago
Postgresql support required.
Mysql together Postgresql.
good job.
jfalch posted 12 months ago
not going to happen.
SpongeBobTR posted 11 months ago
it just a wish, man.

don't be so pessimistic, maybe it will happen in the future. :)
pizza111 posted 11 months ago
MSSQL still has many errors after two years more...

SpongeBobTR posted 11 months ago
I agree with that. MsSql support still buggy.
Mayar posted 11 months ago
+1 for Postgresql support

Pleeeeeseee! :)
TTSneko posted 11 months ago
Ansgar himself stated that there is no PostgreSQL support planned, for a number of very specific reasons that everybody with a little background can easily check out.

Then, see "13 Jan Future development" on the main page. It is pretty obvious that Ansgar dramatically cut back on doing anything *at all* due to health reasons.

Ergo: no.

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